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CISS Maintenance

2021-02-01 01:50


To avoid print quality problem and ink contamination.

What will happen if not?

  • Poor quality print.
  • Ink Cartridge issue.
  • Ink Contamination.


  1. Check the tank first if contaminated.
  2. Check the hose if have possible leak or hole.
  3. Check the rubber if worn out.
  4. Check the cartridge if its no ink inside.
Total 2

  • 2021-02-01 01:55

    1. Often, users remove the cartridge at random after installing the CISS. This can disrupt the system.
    2. It is advisable you keep the ink tank/bottle and the printer at the same level.
    3. In case of poor print quality, check the hose for air bubbles.
    4. If you use Canon or HP CISS, the cartridges come with a sponge and thus cannot hold ink from the CISS for too long. It is thus essential you replace the cartridge after every few months, preferably 1 to 3 months. Please note
    only the cartridges have to be replaced, not the CISS.
    5. When using a CISS system, it is imperative you pay attention to the level of the waste bottle. Always empty the waste bottle at the back of the printer as soon as it reaches the level indicated on the bottle.
    6. When using CISS systems, limit maintenance to only 3 cleaning cycles and then opt for a test pattern. Allow your printer to rest after 3 rounds of cleaning.
    7. Use Elite Premium Inks for the best results and print quality. It is imperative you are aware of the dangers of using universal inks for your printer.
    8. Do not shake the cartridge or the tank and do not expose the device to direct sunlight.
    9. In case of cartridge replacement and purchase, opt for a reputable printer repair service.
    10. It is imperative you keep at least ½ inch of ink in the tank. This will reduce the risk of air bubbles in the cartridge.

  • 2021-02-01 02:05

    Air bubbles or packets of air inside printer CISS hose can cause clogging issues since the part where there is air can become dry.
    This video shows how to remove air bubbles in printer hoses.