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How to Fix Paper Jam

2021-02-01 02:33


If your printer has a paper tray, do not fill the tray. Overfilling the paper tray is frequently causes paper jams. Many printers have sliding mechanisms that allow different types and sizes of paper to be fed into the printer. If the slider is not correctly positioned, it can cause a paper jam

What will happen

  • Paper inserted incorrectly. This tends to be the number one cause, and there's a lot that can go wrong while you're loading the paper in the input tray. ...
  • Damaged rollers. Rollers pull in sheets from the input tray. ...
  • Low quality paper. ...
  • Low quality cartridges.


1. Make sure your device’s paper is correctly loaded into the slot or tray.

2. When you reload your input tray, pay attention to the tray’s needs. This includes how the paper should be loaded, and if the length or width guides need adjusting.

3. If your device has a paper tray, do not overload it. Overfilling the paper tray is frequently the cause of paper jams.

4. Use only one kind of paper at a time in your input tray. If you aren’t sure whether your device takes a certain kind of paper, check its documentation.

5. Fan the stack of paper that you’re about to load. This will loosen any sheets that may be stuck together.

6. Do not mix the paper sizes or types in a single stack. This can confuse the devices and will directly result in paper jams.

7. The quality of paper you use will have an influence. Always try to use recommended type of devices paper, and if you’re trying to experiment, start small.

8. Examine the device for any debris from previous jobs that will continue to cause issues.

9. Run regular device cleaning cycles. This helps keep the paper pathway clean. It is also recommended to turn the device off, if you’re not going to use it for a while. Some people turn their devices off every night. What this does is it brings devices’ mini cleaning cycles into play, which are beneficial in keeping the device trouble free.

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